I started cake decorating in 2002, and I've come a long way, baby. As of this moment, I have 34 ribbons from cake competitions in the southern United States, have taught numerous classes in cake decorating basics as well as advanced techniques, and have a buttercream cake sculpture DVD available for those who can't attend my classes in person.  (By the way, the DVD is cheaper than attending a class!) I've worked in commercial bakeries and have training in chocolate arts, which I put to use during my time working in an artisan chocolates shop. Since leaving the commercial bakery scene behind, I like to focus on art cake for family and friends.

When not decorating cake, I....  um.... well..... What else is there to do?

About Me

Name: Deanna

Age: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Favorite Cake: Birthday Dog

My favorite links

  1. www.prettytreats.com

  2. www.cakecentral.com

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