The Precious Pets DVD is a beginner's introduction to cake sculpture in buttercream.  I assume that the viewer has a basic understanding of making icing and using piping bags. Starting with an 8" square cake,   I show you how to carve the cake and ice it in smoothed buttercream to make a basic dog using the generic animal templates included on a separate CD. I make the dog with long curly ears and an upright tail, but I also show you how to do upright ears for variety. Next,    I use the same basic animal template and show you how to change the position of the body and hind legs, use different ears and tail to make a sleeping lion that's used as a topper on a sheet cake. At the end of the lesson, there are some photos of other animals you can make using the same template and the things you just learned from the DVD.


Precious Pets FAQ

What are you teaching on this video?

I haven't been decorating very long. Can I do the techniques you show in the lesson? Do I have to buy a lot of new supplies?

Of course you can do these techniques! As long as you can make icing and pipe it out, you can do these animals. If you've taken a basic cake decorating class, you probably already own all but one or two of the tools I use to make the cakes on the Precious Pets DVD.

What buttercream recipe are you using?

I use shortening-based recipes, from Wilton's basic buttercream recipe to high-ratio shortening recipes. You can use the recipe you like best, although I don't use butter-based icing so I can't promise the same results from that if you decide to use it.

I put the template disk in my DVD player, and it won't work. Why?

The template disk isn't a DVD. It's a CD containing PDF's, so you need to put it in your computer. Then you can print off copies of the template to use for carving. You can print as many copies as you like, but you won't be able to print them from your television.

Do you ship the DVD to me?

No, you'll order the Precious Pets DVD from Lick The Spoon Productions, and they will ship the DVD to you. I have no control over the shipping time or costs, but I do know that Lick The Spoon Productions ships as quickly as possible and many customers receive their order in a matter of days. While you're on Lick The Spoon's website, take a look at the other cake decorating supplies they offer!

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